Archives for August 31, 2016

Conform, Perform or Transform

I’m currently aspiring to expand my mind. It’s a new phase that has me doing a lot of reading lately. And actually, I’m happy about that. I missed reading. This change has caused me to make time for that again, because I want to feed my mind to change…

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Guided Meditations for Running with Jack Thompson – Stop Chasing Skinny Episode #44

Stop Chasing Skinny Episode #44 Guided Meditations for Running with Jack Thompson   Most of us have heard that meditation has very powerful benefits on our overall health and well-being, but if the idea of sitting in silence, attempting to empty…

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Healthy lifestyle – easy steps to achieve it

A healthy lifestyle consists mainly of: resting (sleep), active recreation and stress management (energy management) healthy eating and hydration working and doing exercise education nature – natural factors. Resting : 7-9 hours per day – who sleeps…

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