Why I’m obsessed with my health (and yours)

A few months after I graduated from New York Chiropractic College in 1989, my father died of a heart attack at the age of 54.  Three years later my mother died of pancreatic cancer.  She was 57.  I remember thinking how crazy it was that they died so young.

These two tragic events changed my life forever.  My family health history made me afraid that I was going to die young, too.  I became obsessed with finding the best way to keep myself healthy and live a long time.  So I researched, read, and went to seminars to learn everything I could about health.

Here’s what I learned.

When it comes to health, don’t fool yourself

You can trick yourself into feeling good with over-the-counter or prescription drugs that hide your problems.  But does that mean you’re healthy?  Not really.

If medicine could keep you healthy, why do your headaches come back?  Why does your neck hurt day after day?  Why does your back keep flaring up?  Why are you more likely than ever to get cancer, heart disease, or diabetes?  And don’t even get me started on the drug side effects.

There are no magic supplements or miracle cures.  I wish there were.

Health is natural healing

Health is about supporting and strengthening your natural ability to heal.  That’s when you start feeling better and better every day.  Pain goes away.  You sleep better.  Your weight goes down.  You feel less stress.  You rarely get sick.  Everything gets better.  That’s the power that’s already in you…  your natural ability to heal.  Chiropractic adjustments release that power.

The natural approach to healing works

Your ability to heal is more powerful than any pill.  Chiropractic has worked for me, my family and thousands of my patients.  I’ve helped people with neck pain, digestion problems, asthma, allergies, menstrual problems, acid reflux, sinus problems, fatigue, weight problems, disc problems, and headaches.  I would like to help you, too.  If you’re ready to try something different, click here to read more about how I can help you.  Or click here to make an appointment to see me.


  1. bookmarked!!, I like your web site!

    • Wil Schweigert says:

      I’m happy you like it. Are you in the New York area? I would love to show you what Chiropractic is all about.

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